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Winter Wheat Distributors

Ontario Cereal Crop Performance Trials 2023

Table 6a – Ontario Winter Wheat Distributors

swwAvaBrevant® Seeds
25W38 (awned) Pioneer® Seeds
srwBransonBrevant® Seeds
25R40 (awned)Pioneer® Seeds
MarkerSnobelen Farms
UGRC Ring (awned)Elite Seeds
UGRC C2-5Semican Inc
Cruze (awned)C & M Seeds
UGRC GL164Semican Inc
B654SRWBrevant® Seeds
25R61 (awned)Pioneer® Seeds
25R74 (awned)Pioneer® Seeds
Blaze (awned)C & M Seeds
Hilliard (awned)C & M Seeds
OAC Constellation (awned)SeCan Association
UGRC CometRidgetown Campus, U. of Guelph
SwoopC & M Seeds
B700SRW (awned)Brevant Seeds
OAC Moon (awned)SeCan Association
OAC TwilightUniversity of Guelph
OAC VirgoSeCan Association
25R64 (awned)Pioneer® Seeds
25R29 (awned)Pioneer® Seeds
hrwPRO 81 (awned)C & M Seeds
Adrianus (awned) C & M Seeds
HudsonSemican Inc

1 sww = soft white winter, srw = soft red winter, hrw = hard red winter.
PBR Status; indicates varieties protected under PBR 91 or PBR78. Visit pbrfacts.ca to learn more.