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Cereals Head to Head

Select 2 to 7 varieties to compare

    Adrianus (HRW-a)
    PRO 81 (HRW-a)
    B654SRW (SRW)
    Branson (SRW)
    Marker (SRW)
    OAC Twilight (SRW)
    OAC Virgo (SRW)
    Swoop (SRW)
    UGRC Comet (SRW)
    25R29 (SRW-a)
    25R40 (SRW-a)
    25R61 (SRW-a)
    25R64 (SRW-a)
    25R74 (SRW-a)
    B700SRW (SRW-a)
    Blaze (SRW-a)
    Cruze (SRW-a)
    Hilliard (SRW-a)
    OAC Constellation (SRW-a)
    OAC Moon (SRW-a)
    UGRC Ring (SRW-a)
    Ava (SWW)
    25W38 (SWW-a)

Select 1 or more responses to compare

    1000 Kernel Weight
    Heading Date
    Leaf Rust
    Leaf Septoria
    Maturity Date
    Powdery Mildew
    Septoria Glume Blotch
    Test Weight
    Winter Survival
    Intensive vs. Non-Intensive Yield