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Cereals Head to Head

Select 2 to 7 varieties to compare

    Adrianus (HRW-a)
    PRO 81 (HRW-a)
    B654SRW (SRW)
    Branson (SRW)
    Marker (SRW)
    OAC Twilight (SRW)
    OAC Virgo (SRW)
    Swoop (SRW)
    UGRC Comet (SRW)
    25R29 (SRW-a)
    25R40 (SRW-a)
    25R61 (SRW-a)
    25R64 (SRW-a)
    25R74 (SRW-a)
    B700SRW (SRW-a)
    Blaze (SRW-a)
    Cruze (SRW-a)
    Hilliard (SRW-a)
    OAC Constellation (SRW-a)
    OAC Moon (SRW-a)
    UGRC Ring (SRW-a)
    Ava (SWW)
    25W38 (SWW-a)

Select 1 or more responses to compare

    1000 Kernel Weight
    Heading Date
    Leaf Rust
    Leaf Septoria
    Maturity Date
    Powdery Mildew
    Septoria Glume Blotch
    Stem Rust
    Straw Yield
    Stripe Rust
    Test Weight
    Winter Survival
    Intensive vs. Non-Intensive Yield